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Les recrutements en stage de Sapient Social & Environmental Enterprises

Established on Jan’ 2016, Sapient is a project-oriented, social business, and democratic organisation.

We believe that every individual is unique and talented, and has the potential to make a positive change in this world.
Here everybody can express themselves and manage their own work.

We want to make a difference and support every idea that can solve the challenges we see in the world and our society.
We are young inspired individuals, from all over the world who dedicate themselves to stop food waste,
renew democracy, provide local green energy solutions, and help other social businesses in their path to positive impact.

We have projects for each topic, each with its own goals and team. The teams work individually, but together,
with freedom, but with defined goals and responsibilities.

Aucune offre n'est proposé actuellement.

Stage Graphic Design & Communication h/f Pays Bas
Stage Event Organiser h/F Pays Bas

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